Twelve-meters long infinity eco-pool is a pride in our pursuit to combine environmental friendliness with modern technology.


Thanks to beneficial bacteria, unique biofiltration systems allows to create mineral water with a PH that is optimal for body. That water is even drinkable. We’re not joking, it is actually true!


We found the best professionals specialising in natural pool technology Water Revival’s ClearSpring™. The idea of such a miracle is based on improvement of natural ponds to make them more suitable for swimming while solving the environment pollution problems.


CWR pools do not contain chlorine nor other harmful chemical substances, and not even UV-filters. Instead in order to balance the chemical composition and maintain purity and clarity of the water whole year round they use natural processes that involve microorganisms and plants.


In a nutshell the Clear Water Revival is a stand-alone self-cleaning mini ecosystem. And we invite you to take a plunge in it ;)


These pools are typically installed in more formal areas for clients that require the highest levels of cleanliness and convenience. They can be used for chemical pool conversion and are also suitable for indoor installation. They do not include a planted zone, leaving 100% of the space available for swimming.